About FUSED footwear and Philippe Holthuizen

FUSED footwear was started in the middle of 2017 by Philippe Holthuizen. A previous 
start-up had given him some hands-on experience with 3D printing, and Philippe realized the potential for 3D printing complete shoes. He gave himself three months to explore the possibilities.

By September of 2017, Philippe was convinced that the concept would work. He decided to focus on fashionable early-adopters initially, which is reflected by the decidedly sneaker-like silhouette of the first FUSED shoe on offer, the Spark.

On top of that, Philippe is also using his 3D printed shoes as a test case, to prove that 3D printed products are now a viable market options, and that it is possible to build a business out of these product without any outside investment or help, if you have the skills.

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