Your shoes, your way.

Important Notice

FUSED footwear is currently on hold as we are taking part in the Antler incubation program. We hope to be back better and stronger in August 2019.

If you would like more info or have a special request, email us at:

3D printed shoes

"They are now officially my party shoes - amazing conversation starter!"

N. J. Morkbak


Made just for you

Since we 3D print our shoes, there is no traditional pre-production process. Your shoes begin their journey once you’ve placed your order, making it easy to customize them.

Our first style, the Spark, is a modular design. You can choose what silhouette you like the most and customize textures and lacing patterns. All in all, there are 40,000 possible variations.

Coming soon
We’re looking into adding cool features such as an app for personalized fit, plenty more shoe styles, and a dedicated line of recycled shoes. Sit tight, we’re on it!


Last comes first

The last, or footshape, is the backbone of any good shoe. All our shoes are built around a virtual, neutral last. The inner shape of our shoes is also more rounded than most production shoes. All of which translates into great support for your feet.

And though our shoes are fully 3D printed, that doesn't mean they are rigid. The TPE filament we use is a flexible elastomer, while the midsole of our shoes is actually hollow, ensuring a smooth gait and just enough cushioning.

As an aside, we don't believe in supersoft midsoles. That just leads to couch-potato feet. A slightly stiffer shoe mimics barefoot walking, thus giving all the muscles in your feet a bit of a workout.


It all starts with the filament

Having a product made in just one material makes it much easier to recycle. Our shoes are all 3D printed as one piece, out of one material. We use TPE, a flexible plastic that can be shredded, melted and made into 'new' filament to print more shoes with.

To take advantage of this, and create a truly circular product, we take back your old FUSED shoes and make new shoes out of them. Simply send back your FUSED footwear once you're done with them, and when we receive them, we will email you a 20% discount code for a new pair of our shoes. See our Return 2 Recycle page for more info.

On top of that, with our shoes being all TPE, they are also waterproof, super light, and vegan!

Want to 3D print yourself?

FUSED footwear could only happen with help from the very active and supportive 3D printing community. We are happy to return the favor with printing advice and help. You can also buy the same TPE filament we print our shoes with.
Visit our 3D printing page for more info.