"They were even more beautiful in person--organic yet futuristic. I wore it across 6 six cities, including a four-day music festival, and my feet were never weary.
This is by far the
most complimented item I have ever owned and a great conversation starter, with people of all genders and ages inquiring about them."
Sapphire K

"From a footwear standpoint, their designs are
super cutting edge and, with a little courage, I haven’t been able to find an outfit where they just don’t work, and I dress fairly normally.
In an age where stark juxtaposition really works,
no one should be afraid to give these a try, in my opinion."
Zachary M.

TrustPilot reviews

Fully 3D printed footwear is here.

FUSED footwear started in May 2017, when we put together our first 3D printer. We've since made several different designs, and have weartested our shoes extensively.

All our shoes are made to order, and are fully 3D printed
as one piece. They can be worn daily, just like regular shoes. Our shoes are also fully recyclable, so when they've worn out, please return them to us for a 20% discount.

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