FUSED footwear makes and sells 3D printed shoes.

3D printing our products allows for a high degree of personalization. Customers can choose from several design features and textures. We currently offer our shoes in regular EU sizes, but the fit can be customized if necessary.

Our shoes are printed in one piece from a flexible, rubber-like material. It is skin friendly, highly abrasion resistant, waterproof, allows for good grip and will not pick up odours or dirt. We also recycle used FUSED shoes into material to print new shoes with. If you send your old shoes back to us, we will give you a 20% discount on a new pair! Visit our Return 2 Recycle page to find out more.

Our first model, the Spark, is a unisex sneaker that can be customized in several ways. We will introduce a new model every couple of months. Follow our instagram to stay up to date with our latest developments.

We will introduce new shoe models every few months, and also expand our product portfolio with more colors and materials. We hope you are finding this just as exciting as we do!

Spark Customization Options

Low Cut or High Cut

This is mostly a personal easthetic choice, though if you are going lace-less, we do advise the High Cut.

Slender Outsole or Wide Outsole

The Slender Outsole is elegant and non-obtrusive. The Wide version has a more athletic feel and offers more stability.

Choose from 1 of 7 colors

More colors will become available in the future.

Lace-less or Laced up

While our shoes can be worn lace-less, we do understand that you might like a snug fit, or just prefer the added detailing.

Upper Textures

We offer 20 different Textures for the Upper part of our Sparks. 

Outsole Textures

And we offer 20 different textures for the Outsoles, which also provide some extra grip.

Custom Sparks

FUSED benefits

3D printed Textures

FUSED footwear doesn't hide it's origin. We believe that there is beauty in showing how a product is made. So our shoes clearly show the layers inherent to the 3D printing process, including idiosyncrasies due to the constraints of the printer. See below for some examples of 3D printing artifacts on our shoes.

Made to Order

The advantage of 3D printed products is that we don't have to deal with factories or retailers. We talk to you directly. And we make our shoes just for you. This also means a highly efficient production, no overstock and no waste. In order to reduce transport costs, we aim to create local printing hubs close to you. :)


Since each pair of shoes is made specifically for each client, and the digital design translates directly to the 3D printed product, we can offer an ample customization program. Our shoes come in numerous colors, lacing options and textures.  The 3D printing process also allows us to create half-relief textures which really differentiates our shoes.


FUSED footwear is 3D printed in one piece from TPE. It has all the functionality of a usual shoe without the plethora of parts. Our designs have reinforcement where needed, and the midsole features an internal structure and heelcup for comfortable cushioning. Not needing any extra layers or glue also means our shoes are super light!


Having a product made in just one material makes it much easier to recycle. Our shoes are fully recyclable by us. If you send your old FUSED shoes back to us, you'll receive a 20% discount on a new pair. We will take the old shoes and recycle them into printing material for our next orders. Visit our Return 2 Recycle page for more info!



The TPE material that our shoes are made from, is awesome for another reason. On top of being easily recyclable, it is also skin-safe and will not absorb moisture or odours. You can wear our shoes with bare feet and just wash them with warm water after. No more smelly shoes!

Layer visibility

Over Extrusion

Layer Shift

Under Extrusion

About FUSED footwear and Philippe Holthuizen

FUSED footwear was started in the middle of 2017 by Philippe Holthuizen (the mad scientist pictured). A previous start-up had given him some hands-on experience with 3D printing, and Philippe realized the potential for 3D printing complete shoes. He gave himself three months to explore the possibilities.

By September of 2017, it was clear the concept would work. He decided to focus on fashionable early-adopters initially, which is reflected by the decidedly sneaker-like silhouette of the first FUSED shoe on offer, the Spark.

On top of that, Philippe is also using his 3D printed shoes daily, to prove that 3D printed products are now a viable option. Even better, he believes that if you have the skills, you can now build a brand or business based on 3D printing, without any outside investment or help.

If you would like to know more, please check out our ABOUT page.

Want to 3D print yourself?

FUSED footwear could only happen with help from the very active and supportive 3D printing community. We are happy to return the favor with printing advice and help. You can also buy the same TPE filament we print our shoes with. Visit our 3D printing page for more info.