FUSED footwear was started in the middle of 2017 by Philippe Holthuizen. A previous start-up had given him some hands-on experience with 3D printing, and Philippe realized the potential for 3D printing complete shoes. He gave himself three months to explore the possibilities.

By September of 2017, it was clear the concept would work. He decided to focus on fashionable early-adopters initially, which is reflected by the decidedly sneaker-like silhouette of the first FUSED shoe on offer, the Spark.

On top of that, Philippe is also using his 3D printed shoes daily, to prove that 3D printed products are now a viable option. Even better, he believes that if you have the skills, you can now build a brand or business based on 3D printing, without any outside investment or help.

FUSED footwear can be contacted at philippe@fusedfootwear.com or telephone number +852 5744 1708.


Seeing potential?

Currently FUSED Footwear is a one man operation. And while we certainly believe we can make the product successful by ourselves, this might be done quicker or better with help from the right person. If you think you are that person, please email us now!



The biggest problem for new products is creating a good product/market fit. 3d printed shoes will likely also struggle with this. Knowing this, and knowing our own strengths and weaknesses, we would love to team up with a person who can write great copy and knows how to get the product featured on the right channels.


Business Partner

We have a lot of experience with product design, much less with running a business. If you’ve successfully launched your own product, or have managed to build your own company into a well-known brand, we would love to collaborate with you.


Venture Capital

While we are set on bringing our shoes to market whatever it takes, we do realize that a secure financial footing is better for business. If you are willing to invest, and maybe even function as a sounding board or mentor, we are happy to discuss options with you.


Get in touch!

We are happy to hear from you and discuss options. We can be reached here.