What are the benefits of 3D printed shoes over normal shoes?

  • Our shoes are made to order, so we will never have overstock (also known as landfill ;).
  • We can easily adjust the design, allowing for customization and personalized fit.
  • FUSED shoes are made from a material that can be completely re-used by FUSED to 3D print new shoes.
  • FUSED shoes do not use any animal products. They fit within vegan and halal requirements. 


What are the drawbacks of 3D printed shoes over normal shoes?

  • FUSED footwear uses entry-level Fused Deposition Modeling 3D printers. These are not as precise as some other 3D printers, nor are they meant for mass producing products. Thus our shoes can be considered experimental. We are continuously developing and iterating both our shoes and our production process to improve quality.


Why do you only offer half sizes on even numbers?

  • The actual difference between all our sizes is 5mm. The translation to European or American sizes is an approximation. We have confirmed that our sizing is similar to most common sports shoe brands. Consult our Sizing Chart here.


How long will my FUSED shoes last?

  • We are continuously testing our shoes for wear. Our shoes last as long as any other footwear with casual daily wear. However, your gait and use will influence how your shoes hold up in the long term. 
  • If your shoes do eventually wear down, we will give you a price reduction on buying a new pair of FUSED shoes in return for sending your old pair back to us.


Are FUSED shoes waterproof?

  • Yes, our shoes are completely waterproof. They are best washed with the pressure setting of your shower head, using warm water and some soap.


How will FUSED ship my shoes to me?

  • All our products are sent to you with Registered Mail from Hong Kong, and should arrive within 2 to 4 weeks.


What warranty does FUSED offer on their products?

  • FUSED footwear offers a 30 day warranty against major defects and fit problems. In case of any problems with your shoes, please contact us and we will do our best to help you out. 
  • We do not offer any refunds on our Filament or on our Affiliated Products.