Want to 3D print yourself?

By now, most of us should be familiar with the ‘magical’ concept of 3D printing. The supposed revolution would make crafty DIY’ers out of all of us. And while some of the big brands have found ways to incorporate 3D printing into their manufacturing process, it is safe to say that the majority of us have never held a truly functional 3D printed consumer product.

FUSED footwear is hoping to change that, hence our slogan: Home-growing the Future of Footwear! As a one man project, cost and efficiency is very important. We are currently printing our shoes on a modified entry level FDM machine with a 1.2mm nozzle, using shure 805 TPE printed at about 20mm/s and 0.5mm layer height. Yes, it is a slow process, but that is all part of this experiment. We want to find out if one person can create a successful brand based on 3D printed products, using just the bare necessities.

We couldn't have gotten this far without some help and advice from the 3D community. While we won't give out too much details about our manufacturing process, we would like to pay it forward by helping others who are using TPU or TPE to 3D print. If you'd like to reach us regarding 3D printing questions or collaborations, please use our contact page or find us on facebook.

We also sell the exact same TPE filament we print our shoes with. It prints consistently at 230C with speeds of up to 20mm/s. As with any flexible filament, you'll have to experiment to find the best settings for your printer. You can buy our TPE filament below.

TPE Filament

The same TPE filament we use for 3D printing our FUSED footwear. It's super flexible with good layer adhesion. As any other flexible filament, experiment for the best printer settings.