Copy of Spark Customization Options

Low Cut or High Cut

This is mostly a personal easthetic choice, though if you are going lace-less, we do advise the High Cut.

Slender Outsole or Wide Outsole

The Slender Outsole is elegant and non-obtrusive. The Wide version has a more athletic feel and offers more stability.

Choose from 1 of 7 colors

More colors will become available in the future.

Lace-less or Laced up

While our shoes can be worn lace-less, we do understand that you might like a snug fit, or just prefer the added detailing.

Upper Textures

We offer 20 different Textures for the Upper part of our Sparks. 

Outsole Textures

And we offer 20 different textures for the Outsoles, which also provide some extra grip.

Custom Sparks